Audubon Cottage

The Audubon Cottage was added in late 2006 and is outfitted for the romantic and naturalist in you, making China Beach the perfect waterfront haven for people and wildlife.

The cottage is named after John James Audubon, the patron saint of American ornithologists. Numerous authentic Audubon prints adorn the walls of this peaceful cottage.

Downstairs you’ll enjoy the exterior deck with 2-person outdoor soaking tub. The cottage comes equipped with a small refrigerator, microwave, Wireless Internet service, downstairs sitting area, upstairs bedroom with king size bed, 42″ flat screen TV, 2-person hydrotherapy, airjet massage tub.

The ultimate coastal experience.

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Enjoy the tile work of Renée O’Connor throughout the Audubon Cottage.

“It’s the perfect getaway for couples seeking a soul-healing retreat of absolute stillness, interrupted only by the splash of bird wings lighting upon the water.”

-Tom Colligan for
Portland Monthly
“The Hidden Coast”   5/08

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