Welcome to China Beach Retreat in Ilwaco, Washington on the Beautiful Long Beach Peninsula

China Beach RetreatChina Beach Retreat is designed for relaxation. It’s quiet, until you notice the birds singing, or the sound of wind and water. It is our attempt here, through words and pictures, to convey the experience awaiting you at China Beach Retreat and the Long Beach Peninsula. The ambiance of this charming Craftsman cottage in a cove between Cape Disappointment State Park and the Port of Ilwaco, WA have a truly spell-binding effect. The view of the tidelands brings with it an ever-changing array of driftwood. Floor-to-ceiling plate glass windows in the common room frame the on-going real-life drama of dozens of shorebirds careening their way through the tideflats. Watch the comings and goings of the local fishing fleet, through rain or shine, as they transport their harvest across the bar and mouth of the Columbia River near Astoria, Oregon.

This bed and breakfast retreat in Long Beach, Washington is elegantly and comfortably furnished in antiques. The decor is an eclectic Pacific Northwest style that makes the most of the beautiful views to be had from each of the three guestrooms.

It was in November of the year 1805 that Lewis and Clark closed in upon their ultimate goal. They traversed this property on the Long Beach Peninsula, now known as China Beach Retreat bed and breakfast. To memorialize the words of William Clark, “Ocian in view! O! the joy.” China Beach awaits. This Long Beach, Washington vista is yours for the asking. Call today.

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“When you need a break from the everyday rigors of life, the Shelburne’s new China Beach Inn might be just the place to regain your bearings”

- The Seattle Times



“It’s the perfect getaway for couples seeking a soul-healing retreat of absolute stillness, interrupted only by the splash of bird wings lighting upon the water.”

-Tom Colligan for
Portland Monthly
“The Hidden Coast”   5/08


China Beach Panorama

China Beach Retreat Inn is a getaway for all seasons. In the summer the sun paints the river, salt marsh and an acre of colored gardens. Spring is sublime. Autumn is migration time, and the expansive front yard view teems with waterfowl. Winter is for storm watching, a cozy fire, your favorite book. The seasons are alive at China Beach Retreat in Long Beach, Washington. [photos]


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